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Study the past if you would define the future.


History “Study the past if you would define the future.” ~Confucius Before we discuss the Lumina Desktop today, lets first go back and discuss the past. The Lumina Desktop was started in 2012 by Ken Moore. He started working on it in his free time. He wanted to design a small lightweight desktop for PC-BSD that didn’t come with the challenge of dealing with Linux-isms. However instead of designing a desktop that had BSD-isms, he decided to design the desktop to be as OS agnostic as possible with as few dependecies as possible....

Maintainership Change


After more than 7 years of work, I have decided that it is time to let others take over the development of the Lumina Desktop project going forward. It has been an incredible task which has pushed me into areas of development that I had never previously considered. However, with work and life changes, my time for developing new functionality for Lumina has become nearly non-existent, particularly for the Qt5 -> Qt6 change that will be coming within the next year or so....

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