Community Resources


There is a community repository for providing new theme files, color schemes, wallpapers and more! This repository is available on GitHub and contains all the instructions neccesary to help you get started.

Get Involved!

  • If you are a C++/Qt developer, there are tons of areas where you could contribute!
    • Finding/fixing bugs
    • Writing new interface plugins
    • Adding functionality to existing plugins
    • and more!
  • If you are a CSS developer, then you might be interested in making new themes for Lumina┬« (using QSS: it is very similar to CSS but specifically for Qt applications/widgets).
    • These themes can be created/modified directly within the Lumina┬« theme engine utility and get applied to all Qt5-based applications.
  • This website!
    • This webite is a simple one created using the “Hugo” static-site generator. All of the sources for this site are managed and run from our repository on GitHub and changes are always welcome!
  • If you found a bug or have an idea for a cool new feature, you can post bug reports or feature requests on our GitHub repository.

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