Want to know what Lumina® looks like in action? Here are some recent versions of the Lumina desktop, running with a number of different widgets and layouts.

Lumina 1.4.0

Lumina 1.3.0

Lumina 1.2.0

Lumina 1.0.0

Lumina 0.8.6

Lumina 0.8.5

Lumina 0.8.4

Lumina 0.8.3

Lumina 0.8.2

NOTE FOR DEVELOPERS: The Lumina desktop environment is not an application development toolkit/framework – it is only a system interface. If you want to create applications for users of the Lumina® desktop, simply create/install the registration file(s) for your application according to the XDG/FreeDesktop standards (the desktop entry, menu, and autostart specifications in particular – depending on the needs of your application). If you wish to reduce the number of additional dependencies for your application on a Lumina® system, simply write it using the Qt5 graphical toolkit and not the KDE-based variant/offshoot of Qt.