Lightweight Desktop Environment

  • Lumina is designed to have a small footprint, giving your system the best performance possible.

Intuitive Layout

  • Lumina is built to flow seamlessly between computer tasks and offers several integrated utilities in one convenient package.

Completely Customizable

  • Nearly everything in the interface can be configured to suit the individual workflow. From desktop icons and single-application systems to multi-monitor arrangements or a plethora of self-contained workspaces, Lumina can do it all.

Freely Available

  • Lumina is distributed under the 3-clause BSD license, allowing it to be used by anyone, anywhere (including in proprietary distributions).

Lumina has been written from scratch

  • Written in C++/Qt5 and is not based on any existing desktop’s code-base, and does not use any of the Linux-based desktop frameworks (ConsoleKit, PolicyKit, D-Bus, systemd, etc..)

Lumina uses a simple built-in interface layer

  • Communicate directly with the operating system (which is the only class specific to the operating system – making it simple to port/customize). Allows Lumina® to obtain system information in a fast and efficient manner while ensuring desktop stability and reliability.

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