I am pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.0 of the Lumina desktop!

This release has a large number of updates and improvements, particularly to desktop utilities under the Lumina “umbrella” project. There are also various performance improvements under-the-hood of the desktop. In particular, I want to highlight these visible changes:

  1. The Lumina desktop now distributes it’s own “material-design-[light/dark]” icon themes and uses them as the default icon sets. This replaces the “oxygen” icon theme dependency which came from the KDE project. Of course, other icon themes (including the “oxygen” theme) may still be installed and used on-demand as well.
  2. The lumina-mediaplayer utility is a brand-new utility designed for streaming online radio content (Pandora radio at the moment) and playback of local media files.
  3. The Insight file manager is updated with performance and visual improvements – one of which is the new “tree view” of all the directories on the system, so it becomes trivial to browse the local system.

Full details about all the changes in this version can be viewed at the bottom of this announcement. As always, please create a ticket on the Lumina bug tracker if you find any issues. For community support or any other questions, please post on the TrueOS forums or the Lumina live-chat on Gitter.


~~ Ken Moore

Changelog from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0


Notable Changes:


  • New Utility: lumina-mediaplayer. Lumina Media Player is a graphic interface for the Qt QMediaPlayer Class, with Pandora internet radio streaming integration. Lumina Media Player supports many audio formats, including .ogg, .mp3, .mp4, .flac, and .wmv. It is also possible to increase the number of playable formats by installing gstreamer-plugins. This utility is found in the Applications Utilities section, or opened by typing lumina-mediaplayer in a command line.
  • New Utility: lumina-xdg-entry. This is another simple utility designed to help users create .desktop entries and shortcuts. Find it in the Utilities application category, or open it by typing lumina-xdg-entry in a command line.
  • lumina-desktop:
    • Desktop folders are integrated, and can now be manipulated directly from the desktop.
    • Added the automatic settings migration of a desktop monitor (single monitor only, for now).
    • Numerous speed and performance improvements with how icons load and the system interacts with the desktop.
  • lumina-fm:
    • Now fully integrated with lumina-archiver.
    • A “System directory” tree pane is available. Options to enable/disable it are being added later, as it is on by default.
    • Numerous speed improvements with caching and loading icons.
  • lumina-texteditor:
    • There is a new json manifest file format for syntax highlighting support. Users can open this file, customize their highlighting options, and immediately see their changes without rebuilding the utility.
    • The text editor now supports more than 10 different file formats.
    • Added options for file-wide preferences in syntax files. Options include: word wrap, character per line limits, excess whitespace highlighting, font style restrictions, and tab-width settings.
    • lte supports tabs with detach, drag’n’drop, and location customization with the View menu option.
    • Add checkable menu option to show the “unsaved changes” dialogue box on close.
  • lumina-screenshot:
    • Adjustments to the lumina-screenshot interface.
    • Add an adjustable warning to lumina-screenshot when closing with an unsaved image.
    • Add functionality to select a specific area of the screen for screenshots.
  • lumina-archiver:
    • Functionality improvements.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Interface changes.


General Improvements:


  • Permission checks for settings files (all utilities). When launched with sudo, all tools use or create a root-permissioned copy of the user’s settings file. This prevents a settings file being locked by root.
  • Added more general keyboard shortcuts:
    • Quit: Ctrl + Q
  • Add “ExternalProcess” class to clean up and hide often unnecessary clutter in the command line when starting an external process.
  • Disable xinput class.
  • Effort to unify button placement and style across the various system utilities.
  • UI text reworks to help re-unify style.
  • Add hooks to update the desktop with icons for the /media directory when a system uses USB automounting functionality.
  • lumina-config watches for “settings” related applications and updates accordingly.
  • Fix focus issues with the terminal window with multiple tabs.
  • Add themes to Lumina:
    • DarkGlass (desktop theme)
    • material-design-light (icon theme)
    • material-design-dark (icon theme)
  • Continued work to fix high-DPI tiling issues for monitors.
  • Add Slackware distro.
  • Clean up general compilation warnings.
  • Fix Fluxbox bug with windows workspace assignments.
  • Work on new utility lumina-notify (not fully functional yet).
  • Bug fixes for the notepad desktop plugin.
  • Bug fix for loading multiple files during the same session.
  • Fix panel reporting error crashing lumina-config.
  • Bug fix for dbus-send calls for Gentoo.
  • Adjustments to icons and their categories.
  • Unfinished Lumina utilities are added to an “experimental” directory.
  • Clean up automatic DPI scaling support.
  • Bug fix for the panel clock.
  • Split up the FreeBSD port files into 12 ports:
    • x11/lumina (meta port for all of them)
    • x11/lumina-core (core desktop: lumina-open, lumina-desktop, start-lumina-desktop, themes, icons, etc..)
    • x11/lumina-coreutils (core configuration utilities: lumina-config, lumina-xconfig, lumina-search)
    • deskutils/lumina-archiver
    • deskutils/lumina-calculator
    • deskutils/lumina-fileinfo
    • deskutils/lumina-fm
    • deskutils/lumina-mediaplayer
    • deskutils/lumina-notify
    • deskutils/lumina-screenshot
    • deskutils/lumina-textedit
    • deskutils/lumina-xdg-entry
  • Fixes to mkport.sh.
  • Compton compositor is now disabled by default (but can be manually enabled).
  • Translation file updates.
  • Documentation updates.