Today, we are excited to announce that Lumina version 1.1.0 is available for Download!


1.1.0 is a significant update, containing both new and fully reworked utilities, plus improvements to the underlying infrastructure of Lumina. A huge “Thank You” to all the Lumina contributors and testers who have had a tremendous impact on making Lumina a better platform for everyone!

Here is a condensed list of some of the more notable changes to Lumina (the full list of changes is available in the handbook):

  • The “trueos/lumina-i18n” repository is depreciated in 1.1.0. From this point on, include localization files with the “WITH_I18N” build flag.
  • The “start-lumina-desktop” utility is the only command needed to begin a desktop session, detecting and starting any necessary services on its own.
  • Lumina’s method for searching and maintaining the system application list has been drastically reworked, resulting in a much faster and lighter system.
  • Lumina will now prompt to install or skip any pending system updates at logout time. For the moment, this functionality is only used on TrueOS systems.
  • Insight file manager has been completely overhauled! Menus have been reworked, “Git” is directly integrated into Insight, and all file operations are now performed in the background, with a system tray icon appearing when needed.
  • “lumina-textedit” is updated with simpler find/replace options, improved syntax highlighting, and now has file modification or synchronization warnings.
  • A new desktop utility: “lumina-calculator”. This is a pure Qt5 calculator supporting both simple push-button operations and scientific mathematical equations. The calculator also displays a full history of both calculations and results, with the capability to recall equations.
  • Numerous bug fixes and efficiency improvements.

Looking ahead, update 1.2.0 is planned to focus on new functionality and features for modifying the Lumina Config utility, removal of the Lumina library, and continued improvements to the existing infrastructure and utilities.


One other note for package maintainers:

We are planning to start deactivating and removing some of the tarballs for the 0.8.x “pre-release” versions of Lumina. If you or your operating system are still using any of those versions, you will need to update your package building routines in the near future to avoid any disruptions to your package building routines.