After roughly four years of development, I am pleased to announce the first official release of the Lumina desktop environment! This release is an incredible realization of the initial idea of Lumina – a simple and unobtrusive desktop environment meant for users to configure to match their individual needs. I hope you all enjoy it, and I look forward to working with all of you on the next iterations of this desktop!

~ Ken Moore ~



  • For Users
    • Completely customizable interface! Rather than having to learn how to use a new layout, change the desktop to suit you instead!
    • Simple shortcuts for any application! The “favorites” system makes it easy to find and launch applications at any time.
    • Extremely lightweight! Allows applications to utilize more of your system hardware and revitalizes older systems!
    • Multiple-monitor support! Each monitor is treated as an independent entity – making it great for presentation systems which use a temporary monitor or for workstations which utilize an array of monitors for various tasks.
  • For System Administrators
    • Personalize the initial settings for users with a single configuration file!
      • Default applications
      • Appearance settings (Theme, Colors, Wallpaper(s), Icons, Fonts, etc)
      • Interface layout (desktop icons/plugins, panels, etc)
      • Favorite apps/files
      • and more!
    • Provides a stable and consistent experience across updates. Cut down on your support time for end-user systems!
  • For System Builders
    • Easily ported to various operating systems (OS), with various optional features setup within a single source file for each OS. Already ported to:
      • BSD OS’s: TrueOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD
      • Linux OS’s: Debian, Gentoo, kFreeBSD, generic “Linux”
    • Easily add customized config files for your OS (wallpaper, interface settings, etc).
    • Minimal dependencies
      • Qt5.2+, Fluxbox, xscreensaver, XCB libraries, other small OS utilities as needed.


The Lumina desktop takes a “hands-off” approach to the utilities that are installed for users, allowing system administrators or operating system distributors to decide which applications are pre-installed or required as necessary. This allows the creation of systems which are fine-tuned for a particular task in an extremely short amount of time, and helps prevent a horde of disused applications from existing on user systems.

There are a few optional utilities which are developed in conjunction with the Lumina desktop and these utilities may be pre-installed alongside the Lumina desktop on various operating systems. These utilities are:

  • The “Insight” file manager (“lumina-fm” binary name). This is used to browse the system files, view slideshows of images, play multimedia files, and browse/restore files from ZFS snapshots.
  • lumina-fileinfo (binary name). This is used to view file properties or modify “*.desktop ” shortcuts.
  • lumina-screenshot (binary name). This is used to take screenshots of either the whole screen, individual monitors, or individual applications.
  • lumina-textedit (binary name). This is a simple plaintext editor with some additional features like multi-tab support, syntax highlighting, line numbers, and find/replace functionality. (NOTE: If installed, this utility may also be invoked from the command line through the “lte” symlink).


All translations for this version of Lumina are available on the lumina-i18n github repository, and feature the following locales (in no particular order):

  • Fully Translated:
    • Turkish (tr)
    • Swedish (sv)
    • Spanish (es)
    • Russian (ru)
    • Latvian (lv)
    • Japanese (ja)
    • German (de)
    • Catalan (ca)
    • Bulgarian (bg)
  • Mostly Translated (90%+):
    • Italian (it, 99%)
    • English – United Kingdom (en_GB, 99%)
    • Polish (pl, 92%)
  • And 15 other locales in various states of completion (10-80%)


For additional details or information about the Lumina desktop environment, please take a look at the handbook. This will show you how to configure the desktop, view and change plugins, and much more!

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