I am pleased to announce the next maintenance release for the Lumina desktop environment is now available!

This release primarily contains bug fixes, interface tweaks, and some small expansions of current functionality. The build infrastructure for the project has also obtained some significant updates, so that now the operating system build specifications may be added directly to the Lumina project files, allowing anyone to build the desktop directly from sources without special build instructions for particular operating systems. In addition to this, we also now have support for NetBSD systems out-of-box. The number of subsystems which are enabled in the NetBSD support file is still a bit light, but the basics are all there and the support file can easily be expanded later on by any NetBSD user/developer.

Development on the new window manager is still progressing, we are just a bit behind schedule right now. For more details about the progress on the WM, please read our development update report from a couple weeks ago. We are still targeting Lumina version 1.0 to release alongside FreeBSD 11.0  in July, but that schedule is also subject to change a bit as needed down the road.


Translation Status for 0.8.8-Release:

  • Complete: Catalan, Latvian, Russian, Turkish
  • Nearly Complete: French (98%), German (95%), Japanese (98%), Korean (95%), Polish (98%), Spanish (98%), Swedish (98%)
  • Partially Complete: Basque (21%), Chinese (38%), Czech (22%), Danish (25%), Dutch (41%), Estonian (54%), Hungarian (63%), Indonesian (59%), Portuguese (68%), Portuguese-Brazil (66%), Slovak (81%)

A big thanks to all our translators for always keeping up with the changes in the project! If your particular locale is not represented here (or needs a fair bit more work), you can get started today over at the PC-BSD translations website. We will have an extended code-freeze before 1.0 is released so that translators can have time to finish up their localization, but now is a good time to get most of the translations finished so there is less to catch up on later (typically ~5% or less of translation strings change between releases).


~~ Ken Moore ~~

Lumina Desktop Project Lead


Change Log (0.8.7 -> 0.8.8)


  • Add 3 different “view modes” for applications in the start menu: Alphabetical (no categories), Partial Categories (same as before – still on list though), or Categories (need to click the category to go into it and see the applications)
  • Make the symlink icon overlays a bit smaller (1/3 icon size, not 1/2)


  • Add a new button for the audio controls in the start menu for muting/unmuting the audio
  • The RPM spec for Fedora/CentOS has been massively refactored.  Within the limits of supporting both Fedora and CentOS 7, 32-bit and 64-bit builds can be done from the same spec, so that it complies with Fedora’s guidelines on how a package should be structured.
  • Improvements across the board to the notepad desktop plugin
  • Re-do the “App Menu” panel plugin a bit. Now it uses a self-contained menu and lists the logout options at the bottom.
  • Fix up the sorting of the favorites items in the start menu to be sorted by display name instead of file name.
  • Add a couple new options for loading new wallpaper files in lumina-config: Single Directory (all images within dir), and Recursive Directory (all images in the selected directory and all sub-directories).
  • Add support for selecting a particular ZFS snapshot by name (in addition to the current time-slider).


  • NetBSD is now a supported build target
  • Add the ability to change monitor resolutions in lumina-xconfig.
  • Add support for intel_backlight (if available) on FreeBSD systems


  • Fixed a minor translation bug causing problems for the Portuguese language
  • Fix a crash on FreeBSD 11.x when removing a desktop icon.
  • Fix a multi-threading issue randomly causing lumina-fm to crash when opening a directory.
  • Fix a couple resize bugs with the custom resizeMenu class (used by the start menu).
  • Multiple fixes for resolution detection as well as graphical glitches that were causing menus to behave unpredictably
  • Many other random/small bug fixes.