The source tree for the Lumina desktop has just been soft-frozen in preparation for the upcoming release of version 1.0.0 in mid-August (tentatively targeting August 8th for final reviews/checks).

This means that all interface elements (GUI’s, widgets, etc) as well as any text which requires translation may no longer be changed without approval from both Ken Moore and the documentation team (basically only things like bug fixes or spelling errors).

This is now the time to go through and perform any translations of the Lumina desktop in preparation for the release. You can see the current translation progress and help perform translations on the PC-BSD translations website.

We have also created a new tarball of the Lumina source tree on github (v1.0.0-Beta2) so that package distributors have time to audit their current build systems and ensure that the Lumina files/binaries are being packaged properly (please report any packaging issues ASAP so that we can adjust things as necessary). This is very important as a few binary names and install locations for files have changed, and some optional dependencies have changed as well (“compton” may be used instead of “xcompmgr” for example).


Thank you all for your continued support, and lets keep working hard to have a good release!


~ Ken Moore ~