I am pleased to announce the beginning of a new sub-series of blog posts for the Lumina project: Guides!

The TrueOS/Lumina projects want to support our users as they use Lumina or experiment with TrueOS. To that end, we’ve recently set up a central repository for our users to share instructions or other “how-to” guides with each other! Project developers and contributors will also submit guides to the repository on occasion, but the overall goal is to provide a simple hub for instructions written by any Lumina or TrueOS user. This will make it easier for users to not only find a “how-to” for some procedure, but also a very easy way to “give back” to the community by writing simple instructions or more detailed guides.

Guides Repository

Our first guide to get the whole thing started was created by the TrueOS Linebacker (with technical assistance from our own q5sys). In this guide, Terry Tate will walk you through the steps necessary to submit new wallpaper images to the Lumina Themes collection. This procedure is fully documented with screenshots every step of the way, walking you through a simple procedure that only requires a web browser and a Github account!

Guide: Lumina Themes Submissions

The end result of this guide was that Terry Tate was able to submit this cool new “Lunar-4K” wallpaper to the “lumina-nature” collection.

Lunar 4K Wallpaper: Submitted by Terry Tate (TrueOS Linebacker)