It is time for a quick preview of version 0.8.7 of the Lumina Desktop Environment! I want to highlight the recent overhaul of the Insight file manager in this preview. Almost the entire UI codebase has been re-written, with a highly compartmentalized widget organization which allows for some neat new functionality that I think you will enjoy…


New Features:

  • Completely new (self-written) directory loading routine used in the background. This makes loading/showing directory contents approximately 10x faster than with previous versions (~1/2 second for over 600 icon files on my test system with an SSD, less than 2 seconds for the same directory on an old laptop with a spinning disk drive).
  • Add support for either tabs or columns when multiple directories are opened at the same time.
  • Add the ability to zoom in/out on a slideshow image
  • Seamlessly integrate ZFS snapshot browsing directly into the directory viewer. Now there just a simple “time slider” visible when viewing a directory with old snapshots available.
  • Remove the “Icon” view mode, and replace it with the ability to increase/decrease icon sizes for both the detailed and basic views.
  • Make the slideshow viewer and multimedia player completely independent pieces of the application, so they may now be left open/active within their own tabs while you continue browsing the system.
  • Add the ability to enqueue only the selected items into the multimedia player or slideshow viewer.
  • Update the “detailed” information available for items so that now it lists the mimetype for the items instead of just the suffix.
  • Completely redo the drag and drop functionality so that it is completely functional for moving/copying items around the system (within-app only).

Here are a couple screenshots of the new version running on my development system (don’t mind the dark theme – it simply uses the current theme/colors the user has set).