Contact Information

Note: Since the Lumina® Desktop project is hosted by the PC-BSD® project, most of the communications channels are shared between the two projects.


Report a Bug:

  Please view/create tickets on the Lumina® github repository, and be sure to list which version of Lumina® you are using in the description (which can be found by running "lumina-info" from the command line, or clicking on of the "about Lumina®" links on various interface plugins). The Lumina® developers will generally go through bug tickets at least once a week and fix/close them fairly quickly. Please keep an eye on your bug ticket as the developer may request additional information about the bug or your system configuration before he can properly determine the source of the issue.


Code Submissions:

  If you are a developer and also want to submit an update for the project (a patch or fix for a bug, a new feature, etc) you can instead use the issue tracker on GitHub to submit your update directly to the Lumina® source repository (along with a description of what the patch fixes). A developer will evaluate your patch, and either merge it into the tree, ask that you adjust/fix the patch in some way first, or deny it outright (with an explanation for the decision when needed). These code submissions are usually evaluated within a day or two depending on the time of submission.


Perform Translations:

  If you wish to help translate the Lumina® Desktop, you can do so via the PC-BSD translation systems ("Lumina®" is listed as a separate project on the site). These translations will automatically be committed into the lumina-i18n repository on GitHub on a regular basis. Please contact your binary package distributor if you experience any issues with the wrong localization files being installed on your system.


Request a Feature:

  Please specify "Lumina® Desktop" as the category for the ticket and be as descriptive as possible in your request. New feature requests will generally be evaluated and accepted/denied fairly quickly (with as much detail/reasoning as possible), but the actual implementation of the feature may not occur for a while unless it is considered critical to achieving the central goals of the project.


Mailing Lists:

  Please sign up for the "Translations" mailing list if you are involved in doing translations for the Lumina® desktop. We will generally give a warning/notice about when the next release of Lumina® will occur a week or so ahead of time so that translations can be reviewed/finalized prior to the release.

The "Testing" and "Dev" mailing lists are great places to ask questions of the developers or to work out a configuration/implementation issue that might not qualify as a "bug" in the project.



  For more urgent or immediate questions and answers, you can contact the Lumina® developers on the Freenode IRC server (#pcbsd or #lumina-desktop channels).


  Please note that the main developer is usually only available from 8AM-5PM, Monday through Friday (EST). If you leave a message for him while he is away, he will usually respond once he gets back (if nobody else has answered your question already).