Contributors are welcome. You can reach out to the Lumina developers through any of these methods of contact.

Report a Bug / File a Feature Request

To report an issue or file a feature request in Lumina Desktop, please visit our issue tracker on GitHub. We recommend users do a quick search to see if their issue has already been reported. Make sure to list which version of Lumina you are running. You can find this information by running “lumina-info” from the command line, or by clicking on the “about Lumina” links on various plugins. The Lumina developers go through tickets at least once a week based on priority. Please remember to check back frequently and add additional information to your ticket as it becomes available.


Code Submissions

Independent developers are welcome to submit updates to the Lumina project. Feel free to use our issue tracker on GitHub to submit your update directly to the Lumina source repository. Please make sure to include a description of what your patch addresses. A developer will merge in your changes after a quick review if there are no outstanding issues with the patch. Code submissions are typically evaluated within two business days depending on the time of submission.


Perform Translations

The Lumina Desktop project needs you! We’re looking for people to help translate Lumina Desktop into many major languages. The translation interface is easy and allows you to make quick and easy edits to various parts of Lumina with no specialized knowledge necessary.



Getting answers on Lumina Desktop issues is easy. Lumina developers are available on the #lumina-desktop Freenode IRC channel.

Lumina Gitter channel